Quick meals for a busy life!

Good morning friends and hope this finds you all well! I wanted to share some of my favorite meals that all take less than 20 minutes and some friendly kids meals too! I get asked all the time for healthy and easy recipes because let’s face it…who has hours in the kitchen to spare? So here are my top eats for me and my husband (some my 3 year old enjoys as well) and also a few kid friendly ideas to keep in mind too!

1. Oats & berries–this is one of my favorite go to recipes for all three of us. It’s great for a quick breakfast (quick oats take 2 minutes) and I fill them in with cranberry, blueberry, walnuts, and a teaspoon of brown sugar. I’ve got healthy carbs, fat, protein, and calories we need for the day!

2. Egg scramble. This can easily be whipped up in 10 minutes! I sauté bell peppers and mushrooms for about 5 minutes and then add in eggs and cook until ready. Add in a few bacon strips for the husband and we are ready to go!

3. Tuna. One of the easiest lunches to make ahead and keep for a couple days. Canned tuna in water, light mayo, onion, pickle, and boiled egg. Seasoned with a little salt & pepper. I serve our tuna on multigrain bread with a low fat Swiss cheese slice! Carbs, fat, oils, and lots of protein! Add a side salad to top of the nutrient rich meal.

4. Taco salad. Who doesn’t love a good taco?! You can have all the flavors with a bit of reduced carbs by throwing out the tortillas and replacing them with salad. Ground turkey (or meatless), black beans, kidney beans, corn, brown rice, and salsa. All tossed together with a salad mix.

5. Stir fry lettuce wraps. These are quick and easy and will be loved by all. You can brown your turkey meat, throw in and grill some veggies, add a little light soy sauce and serve with rice on top of lettuce. Our little guy loves the flavor of the soy with some rice and meat and even a few carrots!

6. BBQ & Pineapple chicken–this one is delicious. It takes about 15 minutes to make bbq sauce if you prefer over store bought (much healthier if you make it), and the chicken takes about 15-20 minutes. Serve with broccoli and rice. (Both can cook while chicken is cooking). Enjoy this flavorful meal! (My 3-year old even loved it!)

7. Grilled turkey breasts with asparagus & buckwheat. This is a delicious and quick meal. Season your turkey and asparagus with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, Italian seasoning, and pepper. Cook on medium heat for 15-20 minutes until thoroughly cooked. While cooking, boil your buckwheat which also takes about the same time. Season with salt and pepper. Serve.

8. Fusilli pasta salad: this one is simple, healthy, and delicious. Boil pasta, add in olive oil, olives, red pepper, broccoli, celery, red onion, salt, pepper, and a bit of cheese on top. So simple & so good. Serve cold. Add meat if desired.

Kid Friendly meals

1. A little sandwich with light mayo and turkey breast slices, a mandarin, and a side of pretzels. Logan loves oranges and any fruit really and his favorite snack is pretzels. This gives him his loves + the sandwich for nutrition. Three year olds should have about 2 ounces of meat each day and this one meal covers it.

2. Fun breakfast. Whole wheat rice cake with peanut butter & dried cranberries. Banana on the side.

3. Parfaits with a slice of toast & cream cheese. This parfait has yogurt, fruit, and granola packed in and is a hit with the little one. I also added a little bit of light Philadelphia cream cheese and a slice of wheat toast. Can be for any meal.

4. Breaded chicken bites and rice. Throw the rice on to boil and bake your chicken for 20 minutes. I purchase thinly sliced and it takes a lot less time to cook. Roll your chicken in bread crumbs (lots) and a little bit of Cajun seasoning.

#momcrushmondays —Dionne from Bold in Beautiful

Good morning, friends, and happy Monday! Today, I am featuring Dionne Boldin, fashion blogger of “Bold in Beautiful.” This gal has an impeccable sense of style, she’s gorgeous, and she’s on a mission! I can’t wait for you to read more about her as we sat down for a little girl chat.

Morgan: Dionne, where did your love for fashion come from?

Dionne: My love for fashion started as a young girl, loving to play dress up. As I got older, I started to appreciate fashion and the artistry of it all – the colors, the fabrics, and the small details. I live by the motto “If you look good, you feel good.”  Dressing up does not solve all problems, but it is certainly a confidence builder, and fashion is the fuel to take on the highs and lows of life.

Morgan: “Bold in Beautiful” is a catchy name. What was your reason behind it?

Dionne: The name was a play on my last name, Boldin, and “Beautiful” came from my goal for this blog. One of my goals for “Boldin Beautiful” is to help women realize they are all beautiful and that carving time out for yourself, no matter how busy life may be, is important.

Morgan: I absolutely love your feature “Bold on a Budget.” What other fun things can readers find on your social media pages and blog?

Dionne: Thank you! Recently, I added a segment to my Instagram story called “Fabulous Find Friday” where I feature a select item and provide my followers with the item’s respective link, if they’d like to shop for it. I also have some really fun lifestyle blog entries coming out, which I think people will really love, too.

Morgan: Where do you see “Bold in Beautiful” in the next year?

Dionne:In the the next year, I would like to expand the reach of “Boldin Beautiful”, and I’m looking forward to adding E-commerce and expanding to a full lifestyle brand.

Morgan: Is there anything else you want readers to know about you or your brand?

Dionne: Blogging has been such an amazing experience, not just because I’m writing about one of my passions but because I really find joy in connecting people through this art form. It’s incredible how people from all over the world, and different walks of life, share enthusiasm and love for fashion. I love having that commonality with my readers and followers.

Morgan: How can readers find and contact you?

Readers can find the blog at www.boldinbeautiful.com

Thank you so much for your time today & readers, check this gal out!!!