March is national nutrition month!

Hey friends! March is national nutrition month and I wanted to share with you all my biggest passion and business. It’s incredibly important to create healthy eating habits for our children and ourselves. Being aware, informed, and willing to change behaviors are the first steps in succeeding in a healthier lifestyle. Below are some resources, ideas, and tips to a healthy and nutritious lifestyle change!

1. Be informed —One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a healthy lifestyle is assuming that all “low fat” or “whole -wheat” foods are healthy. Check your labels, check the nutrition facts, ingredients, and serving size. Don’t believe that a restaurant salad is healthy because it included spinach! Make sure you are checking before ingesting.

2. Add in physical activity–When changing your eating habits you can also create better physical activity habits. Find some activities that you enjoy alone, with a partner, with a friend or with your kids and do them! Everyday, at least 30 minutes a day, move that body! Eat right gives some great tips on physical activity!

3. Incorporate what you’ve learned

Not sure where to start?

—-Take a look at this link which provides 20 ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables . Got that down?

—-Another way to make sure you are eating healthy is to only store healthy foods in the home, if it is not available, you can’t eat it!

—-Ask for help! If you are struggling with portion control, what to feed your family of picky eaters, or finding healthy foods that just taste good; ask for help from your doctor, dietitian or other health professional. Don’t be afraid to not know, don’t let that be an excuse!

4. Make it fun — find healthy foods and activities that you enjoy and look forward to. Commit to excellence in health this year and start today!

For more information or questions, feel free to email me here: & check out for more information as well!


12 days of Christmas giveaway

I am so excited to bring you all my 3rd annual 12 days of Christmas giveaway full of prizes from small shops, women businesses, and bloggers.

12 days of christmas 

This year I have teamed up with 11 other incredible ladies to bring you all some great holiday gifts! Before we start the giveaway, which officially launches November 26–Monday, I wanted to share a little bit about each lady.

Rules: The winners will be announced on Instagram on my page life of a bball wife & you can enter to win there. You can also enter to win on my Facebook page under the photo of the day. All winners will be randomly chosen the evening after the advertised day.

So get to the good stuff…


Day 1: @lifeofabballwife 

Since I am the owner and business owner of this giveaway I decided to take day one. I will be giving away 2 FREE ebooks of your choice to the winner.

I am a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist and I offer customized meal plans & workouts, and general eBooks regarding both.

learn more at life of a bball wife


Day 2: Jamie Wade

This gorgeous gal is rocking it in the health and fitness world and lets nothing stop her from her goals!

Jamie will be giving away 2 beach bars & 2 samples of Shakeology from Beachbody!

you can learn more about Jamie before the giveaway at Jamie Wade Happy & Healthy


Day 3: Kintsugi Candle Co.

The incredible owner of this candle company is Allison Mathis Jones, this gorgeous gal has a beautiful story of how brokenness is beautiful and the candles represent stories of courage and resilience. These would make incredible Christmas gifts and you could win a beautiful 9.5 ounce candle in the giveaway! Learn more about this amazing company and order your candles HERE


Day 4: Mandy chooses joy

Mandy is a walking testimony for the great company, Plexus. Mandy has seen her own wonderful results and is sharing the goodness with everyone she meets! You’ve got a chance to win a full week worth of the awesome pink drink from Plexus in our giveaway!

Find out more about this incredible product and Mandy over at Mandy’s Facebook page


Day 5: Sharp Editorial

Laci Swann is the owner and operator at Sharp Editorial which offers a wide variety of services including proofreading, developmental editing, ghostwriting, content development, blogging, and resume/CV creation.

We are so excited that for this giveaway Laci will be offering a FREE cover letter & 30% off resume services to the winner, this is a fabulous deal for anyone and everyone to update their resumes and stay sharp!

Learn more about Laci and what all she has to offer at Sharp Editorial  as well as free tips at @sharpeditorial on Instagram.


Day 6: Root & Rise 

Day 6 we are featuring an incredible woman, Krysta who owns Root & Rise. This company is all about getting back to your roots. Root down, get back to the basics, eat food from the source, and you will no  doubt rise up, stand tall, feel good.

Krysta will be giving one lucky winner The Ultimate Grocery Shoppers Guide to Simple and Sustainable Health E-book which is perfect for anyone and everyone looking for better health options and lifestyle.

Thanks for this, Krysta and you can check out her Instagram profile HERE .


Day 7: Laura Carter + Isagenix

Day 7 we have Laura who is a super wife & mom to the cutest kiddos and a business lady as well. She is with Isagenix which is a health company aimed at having you live your best and healthiest life!

Laura will be giving away some meal replacement shakes that are clinically shown to support healthy weight loss and lean muscle growth. IsaLean Shake contains 24 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals per shake to fuel your body with balanced nutrition.

Thanks, Laura! To learn more about this awesome company and an opportunity to become your own boss, check out Laura’s page HERE .


Day 8: Spunki Munki

Day 8 we are featuring the clothing boutique Spunki Munki that gives you fun shopping for all the feels. The boutique is filled with the cutest goodies and the giveaway winner for day 8 will receive this featured tee for FREE, this would make a fabulous Christmas gift. You can shop around the shop for other fun items and find them on Instagram at Spunki Munki   


Day 9: Ashleigh from Sparrow’s Apple Blog  

For Day 9 we have got a FABULOUS blogger, Ashleigh who runs a blog about all things life, including marriage, parenting (mom of 3!!), and fashion. You will find quite the inspiration on her page and if you aren’t following her on Instagram, Click Here .

She’s been incredibly generous and will be giving away a Target gift card, I mean who doesn’t love Target?! Am I right?!

Thanks, Ashleigh!


Day 10: Lauren + SeneGence 

Coming up for day 10 we have the all so popular Lipsense! This would make a perfect pairing with your holiday party outfit. Smudge proof, kiss proof, and won’t leave your party glass stained with lipstick! Lauren will be giving away 1 silver glitter gloss which helps increase cellular renewal and brings healthy skin cells to the surface to give you smooth and soft lips. Head to her website HERE  for more information or to grab some gorgeous lip colors for the holidays for yourself or for a girlfriend! You can also add yourself to her Facebook page HERE

Thanks Lauren, what a great prize!!


Day 11: Sarah + Plexus

Day 11 showcases this incredible gal, Sarah. Take back control of your health with a 7 day supply of the incredible pink drink that will help you get rid of cravings and feel full longer. The winner will receive a FREE supply of this awesome pink drink everyone keeps talking about!

You can check out Sarah over on Instagram HERE where she also chats marriage, being a cat mom, and mental health.


Day 12: Erin Wright, author of “The Game Changer”

Erin is an incredible woman and author of the novel “The Game Changer” check out the synopsis below:

Casey’s boyfriend is a professional basketball player in Europe. Having met in high school, they share a strong bond and have a seemingly perfect fairytale relationship until Chris abruptly signs a contract to play for a team in Milan Italy. Without a word to Casey, Chris jets off to Italy to start his basketball season leaving Casey in Washington, D.C. with a mind full of awful thoughts. Casey decides to figure out what is going on with her relationship and hops on a flight to investigate her boyfriend’s odd behavior. Once she lands in the beautiful fashion maven of Milan she is bombarded with news about her boyfriend that will change their lives forever. Their once perfect relationship is tested time and time again over the course of Chris’s basketball season. The stakes are high on and off of the court and the competition is stiff.

Erin will be giving away a FREE copy of her book to the Day 12 giveaway winner and you want this book! Already have it? Enter to win it for a friend, think Christmas gift!!

Cant wait and want to purchase now, head HERE, don’t wait to read as book #2 is in the works!

I hope you all will join in on this giveaway and we look forward to your entries!! Make sure you are following Morgan Williams as she will be posting each day and for extra entries you can add Morgan’s Facebook page as well. 

What’s next? Fasting & the aftermath

Good morning friends and happy Thursday. So many of you have asked me about my fast and how it went and I have also chatted with those of you that reached out and joined me and want to share with you all!

Lent begins on February 14 this year and many of you have asked about trying this fast for Lent. I am happy to share all the information, things I learned, and my free prayer and fasting eBook here.

I fasted from…






Processed foods

I ate….



Whole grains





Herbs and spices

Lots of water!!!

I was pleasantly surprised with my fasting results. Besides gaining mental and spiritual clarity, I also lost about 5 pounds, cleared toxins from my system, felt lighter and refreshed, and I also developed some new habits I am continuing after the fast.

-I will be limiting my dairy and meat intake moving forward.

-I learned even more about portion size and control.

-I discovered some new things like vegan cheese that can help me replace the dairy I enjoy.

-I found out several things that upset my stomach that I didn’t even realize before the fast.

-my goal is to mainly be pescatarian moving forward and only consume what I ate on the fast + add in fish. I am not claiming any titles here, but I do see the advantages of eliminating and also adding certain foods to your diet.

Overall I am very pleased with doing this fast and I always feel amazing after every fast I do. If fasting is something you haven’t tried, I highly encourage it.

What else is new, personally?

Zo won player of the week MVP for the league and we are so proud of him.

Logan moved up to the “big boy” class at school and is adjusting pretty well.

I have started back up volunteering at the local high school teaching English and those kids are my favorite!

Guess that’s all for now!


My top 10 fitness questions answered


Last week I put a post on my Instagram stories (Instagram) asking followers to inbox me with any fitness or nutrition questions they had. Some questions were easy to answer and then the questions started getting complicated. It’s hard to answer questions about health and fitness sometimes because these are not one size fits all categories. What works for some may not work for others and that is especially the case when it comes to nutrition.

I did not want to leave the questions unanswered or give a vague response so I decided I would put together the top 10 most asked questions (some were asked on this poll and others come from clients often) and I hope this helps!

If you messaged me and your answer isn’t here or I did not write you back, please email or DM me again, that was not intentional.

QUESTION 1: What is your favorite part about being a trainer?

I absolutely was surprised at how many people asked this from the poll and those who were just curious how, when, and where I started. I have been a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist for over 5 years. I began a love for health and fitness when I was recovering from a back injury in 2009 and really needed to learn about my muscles, recovery, and getting my gut in check. I had also suffered from severe IBS for many years and had been seeing a gastroenterologist for too long!! I absolutely fell in love with the industry through my research, took classes, and then decided to take it all the way and become certified. Through this I learned that my favorite part of being a trainer was seeing the success of others who were feeling like me—discouraged, frustrated, annoyed, still, routine, stressed, in pain, etc. With each new client, each new plan, and each new goal met my little heart soars. I am grateful for my clients because they help me live out my dream (and theirs) each day. Cheers to many more years!

QUESTION 2: How can I see results if I do not have equipment or go to the gym?

This question gets asked often and a few people mentioned my videos that I do at home with my son…with no equipment. My answer is this…your body can be changed constantly. Whatever you do to spark your muscles, tweak your routines, gain strength, and push your limits will show on your body and mind. You can be successful with body weights or dumbbells depending on your challenge for yourself. If you are a typical adult that is wanting to grow stronger and tone, you can 100% find this success in the comfort of your home with little to zero equipment. For those training for a competition or wanting to seriously bulk up, I always suggest gym workouts where the equipment is unlimited.

At home workout suggestions—Bodyweight exercises, Core exercises, and HIIT work.

If you are wanting to gain strength and muscle mass you WILL need to increase the amount you are lifting (not just body weight), here is where some people get stuck and end up needing the gym (or maybe just investing in a little equipment at home).

A gym membership offers lots of free weights, standing weight equipment, group fitness classes, sauna and swimming pool. Most of these are not available for you at home or can be incredibly costly.

Bottom line: If you can meet your goals, go for it at home. If you are finding yourself at a plateau or your home equipment is not proving challenging enough, a gym might be some place to explore!

**When I create plans for clients we always go over where and what equipment they will use, the plans are then created specifically for what they want or access they have.

QUESTION 3: How can I tone my body? 

I love this question and the answer can work for both women and men. High repetitions and less sets. This will allow your muscles not only to strengthen but to lengthen (hey, word up on the rhyming). You will start to see more definition, which we refer to as toning but will not see yourself bulking or getting stalky. Don’t forget about your diet, too!

Question 4: How much should I be eating every day?

Well there is no easy answer to this question (like most) but I will give you 3 general rules of thumb and ideas.

You can eat IIFYM style. This is if it fits your macros. Basically you are flexible dieting and counting your macronutrients (proteins, carbs, and fat). As long as your numbers fit you are pretty much able to eat what you would like. I have tried this before with success and have many fellow trainers who live by this method.

Hire a professional to go over your goals and current weight, body fat %, BMI and current eating plan. You can also research these calculators on your own and create yourself some plans from there. Good rule to live by is to incorporate carbohydrates, good fats and oils, protein, vegetables, some fruit, and WATER into your meals.

Eat clean with the 80/20 rule. This method is generally for those wanting a permanent life change and struggle with food. This allows you a 20% break for unhealthy and processed foods and then 80% of your meals would be fresh, pure, and unprocessed.

Regardless of the method, I believe the way to be successful with nutrition is a specific and realistic plan that is designed with your lifestyle and goals in mind. Everyone needs different nutrients, some of restricted diets, not every one can eat the same things. Even in my own family, my husband and I eat differently but we have found a way to make it work and function on a well balanced eating routine.

Question 5: Can I exercise while pregnant?

Well the answer is easy. #1 CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Make sure your doctor runs blood tests and a physical for you to assess what they think you can and cannot do. If you were active before you became pregnant your doctor will generally clear you to workout through all trimesters. It is important to make sure you consult your physician first. If you have been cleared, check out some of my pre and post parts workout in my Belly Journey eBook

Question 6: Can I workout while breastfeeding?

Another question I get asked all the time and again, #1 rule is to consult your physician. If you have done that I would look into making sure you are getting enough nutrition for you and your baby/babies as well as starting out with walking, yoga, pilates, swimming, and Kegel exercises. I would also make sure and talk to your doctor about any signs of Diastasis Recti and exercises to avoid making that worse.

Question 7: What do you eat? 

Right now I am fasting  (see more here) so my diet looks a little different than usual. I am usually a caffeine queen, Prosecco loving, cake on the side mama bear…but i digress.

Usually this is what a day looks like:

Breakfast: Oats with fruit or a fruit smoothie with peanut or almond butter

Snack: Nuts and a boiled egg

Lunch: 4-6 ounces of chicken or ground turkey with brown rice and vegetables

Snack: fruit smoothie, grapes with cheese, crackers and an apple. Something light but filling.

Dinner: Salad with some form of protein and grilled vegetables

Obviously I switch it up but in general this is what it looks like. I eat close to 1500 calories per day with about 65-90 carbs depending on the day and workouts.

Question 8: I don’t have time to workout, how do you do it?

I MAKE the time. I know you have heard it before but its true and it works. I have to adjust my schedule constantly to make time for exercising. Some days its ugly, some days I am working out at home instead of the gym, some days I have a toddler on my leg, some days it’s cutting out a couple exercises. I do what I can to make everyday count and hold myself accountable to get in the workouts! It isn’t meant to be easy but it sure is worth it.

Question 9: What is the best workout for toned legs and glutes?

Clearly y’all are trying to get nice booties because this question was asked so much! (all women, but go for it men!)

Here are my 10 favorite exercises for toned legs and glutes

  1. Deadlifts (can use dumbbells or bar)
  2. Lunges (can use dumbbells or bar)
  3. Squats (can use dumbbells or bar)
  4. Hip raises (no equipment needed)
  5. Hip adductor/abductor (can do with machine or with bands)
  6. Donkey kicks (no equipment needed but can use bands)
  7. Side leg raises (can use bands)
  8. Ice skaters (no equipment needed)
  9. Supermans (no equipment needed)
  10. Pulsing squats (can use dumbbells)

Question 10: Whats the hardest part about the business? 

I loved this question and I saved it for last on purpose. The hardest part for me is remaining positive through it all. Anyone with a business can attest to good and bad times. This time of year is so busy for me as people are really trying to push for goals in the new year, workout more, eat healthier, its a great season for my business. But then in the summer its really slow, there isn’t much to do and lots of people become bored or uninterested.

It’s hard to pour your heart and soul into a business that sometimes gets overlooked, its hard to spend 20 hours on a plan and the customer changes their minds, its hard to see someone so excited and start to see results and then just give up, its hard.

I love to see others succeed and in this business it can sure fluctuate, thats just rough. But its also so rewarding, so to answer the question…people, my clients, that is the hardest and best part of it all.

Hope you all loved this Q & A and I look forward to working with lots more of you guys this 2018 season!!


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