A Thankful Thanksgiving

Hi friends and happy Thanksgiving. I hope this finds you all full of food and family. This thanksgiving is a first for our trio since we were not all together. It has been an extremely difficult 2 months as Zo has been in Russia and Logan and I have been home in Texas.

I am thankful we have a long history and marriage and that we can navigate through it all, but it still is hard. Zo is missing out on a lot here and we are missing being together. I am also trying to navigate parenting alone and with Logan not in school.

This week we received the best news that Zo will be finishing up the season (through May) in Perm, Russia. Zo originally went to Russia for a 1-month period (October) to replace an injured player at the time. We expected him to return home after that time, but anyone who knows how Zo plays could tell you that the team wouldn’t want to lose him…and they didn’t.

Zo has had some really great games in the Russian league and has proven to be a great asset to the team, it is a blessing for him to be staying and now we can finally plan the next six months! Zo will be coming home on a short break for Christmas and then we will join him in Russia after the new year.

We look forward to 2020 and all the wonderful blessings it will bring our family! We are thankful for all of you reading this as you always support and love on us near and far.



Zo, Mo, and Lo