Summer Recap

Hello friends and family! I hope this finds you all well and back in the swing of things for the school year. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a new blog post and truly I’ve missed the writing. As we head into fall I wanted to recap our summer and talk about what all we’ve been up to!

First thing is this family photo at the top of this post. Friends, if you are local to Houston you have got to check out Jessica and her work over at Vaughn Boys Mom Photography . Not only was she so professional and patient with Logan, she captured all of our personalities so perfectly. Here’s a few more pictures I loved!

You can find her work on Jessica’s instagram and also contact her there as well, you won’t be sorry! We are so happy we got to take these this summer.

Besides taking some great family photos we have also taken a few great trips this summer, with and without Logan. Our highlight of the summer was our couples trip to Austin Texas with some of our favorite people. It was for sure a refresh button that Zo and I needed and we had such a great time.

…As for Logan?

We have also made it a weekly ritual to head to Chuck E Cheese with Logan and enjoy pizza afterwords. He’s also had a great time swimming at our neighborhood pool, hanging out with his grandparents, playing on a basketball team, gymnastics and going to camps all summer long!

I’m currently homeschooling him until we head to our next destination, although he has tested ready for kindergarten he does not meet the age requirements in the state of Texas to start. I’m doing my best to incorporate learning at home that will challenge him and keep his brain busy!

We also have a little guy that has lost 3 teeth and has 2 more loose! He’s growing up way to fast and my mama heart can barely handle it! We are so proud of the kiddo he is and look forward to seeing what milestones he crosses this year!

…As for Zo & I?

We have both been training all summer long. Zo has been running basketball camps and individual training and I have been doing fitness bootcamps and one on one training in town. It’s been an adventure for us both!

As basketball winds down it was important for us this summer to iron out life after ball, look into some investment opportunities, job opportunities and more. We have felt so at peace since being able to do all this and know what direction we are wanting to go!

…As for basketball?

We 100% plan to head overseas for season 13 for Zo. We’ve come to a point in Zo’s career where if it’s not checking off all our list of desires, we aren’t willing to just “settle”.

We have trusted God ALWAYS and every year He has placed us where we need to be, we know this year will be no different. So until then, my husband lives at the gym and he’s ready when the phone rings.

Of course we will keep you all posted as we make our next moves.

We are thankful for our friends, family and fans and we are always so appreciative of your love and support.

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