Year 12

The time has come to wind down our time here in Klaipeda, Lithuania for the season. My husband is finishing up his 12th season as a professional and I’m just so incredibly proud of him. We are pulling to bring home a medal in a week or so and then enjoy a summer home in Texas.

This year has probably been the best out of all my years traveling with Zo. I have loved every place we have called home, but this year all 3 of us made a “life” here and it’s really made for some incredible memories.

Logan has excelled in school here and man, we are so sad to leave that. He loves all his friends and teachers, has enjoyed birthday parties and plays dates, and I’ve loved getting to know some of the great mamas in his class as well.

I was able to finally put my degree to use after ten years, ha! I had the opportunity to volunteer at Logan’s school to teach English in the primary school building. It’s been amazing!! I feel so blessed to have spent this time with the kiddos and I’m going to miss my 3 classes terribly.

I also have gotten to hang out with some of my Lithuanian friends I’ve missed so much, hang out with some incredible American wives, and also make some new friends here which has been so fun. I was able to organize several events for the American wives group and the memories from this season for sure will be in my mind always!

I don’t think I spent much time at the apartment this season and was always on the go! It’s been an extremely busy season but seriously the best one.

I also was asked a few months ago to model in a bridal editorial coming up in a few days and I can’t wait! After having prep, hair, nail, makeup, and fitting meetings all week, I’m so excited to watch the teams incredible vision come to life! I’m honored. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve seen my prints on paper so to see these will be fun!

We had THE best nanny, as Logan calls her, Paddington (Patricia) who has loved on our baby boy more than we could imagine or ask! She graduated from University AND got married all this year! She’s a rockstar and we are really going to miss her!

Ohhhh….and basketball! Ha! The real reason we are here!

Zo has had a wonderful season. We are in Lithuania for the third year, he knows the league and they know him! It’s been a fun year, pretty injury free, and a successful season for the club being in 2nd place!

January brought us the hardest month of our lives when we lost my mother in law. Zo had lots of unexpected trips home, lots of long, sad flights, and traveling and playing was extremely difficult.

Grief is tough, it looks different for everyone. But there is one thing I’ll always remember my mother in law saying.

“This is God’s plan for me, I won’t fight it or question it, I know this is my path”

I so want to be like her. I want to have the faith, 100% that God’s purpose for us is good, even through the trial.

We miss her everyday, but I know she’s never been prouder of her son and she finally gets to see all his overseas games!

So here we are, summer 2019, end of pro season 12.

Where to next? I’m not sure, but if it tops this year…we are NEVER retiring!!


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