The 4 letter word that has haunted me for a year.


This little word with such big impact has haunted my mind for about a year now & I think I’ve finally found answers. I struggled writing this out of judgement & fear but I hope maybe our story can help some other moms & dads looking for answers.

I have heard it all when it comes to my strong-spirited child, Logan who turned four in November.

“He has ADHD”

“Is he always this hyper?”

“I think you shouldn’t give him sugar”

“Gosh he’s wild”

And many, many more.

The truth is, I know this. My son has always been extremely active, loud spoken, talkative, creative, free spirited, and to put it shortly…a wild child.

But my son also takes 2 hour naps, listens to his teachers, sleeps 9-10 hours a night, knows right from wrong, apologizes when he makes mistakes, and can sit still for a book or school work for longer than 30 minutes-1 hour at a time.

So what’s going on? Is he just a boy? Should I be concerned? I just want him to relax a bit in public!

My son exhibits many signs that in 2019 a Dr. would diagnose as ADHD, and our pediatrician has mentioned before…she’s no longer our pediatrician.

But I don’t think that’s the case.

I remember coming home from Europe & my son eating American food for the first time in 6 months, for 3 long days my son’s behavior was out of control. He was the most wild and hyper I have ever seen him in my life, it brought me to tears & I was exhausted, felt defeated, & simply put; overwhelmed . I began to realize that the adjustment to food & what I was feeding him had a direct impact on his behavior.

For about 6 months I limited his sugar intake and tried to cut back on processed foods, this helped but still something just wasn’t all the way right.

So we had him blood tested, only to find out that he was extremely deficient in the main categories that trigger ADHD behaviors.

-Omega 3’s




All of these are key to cognitive development & mental clarity, all of which he was lacking.

My son has always been thin, it’s genetic, but has also been a picky eater, I knew that would no longer be able to fly & that we had to buckle down on natural supplements & good food.

So what did we do?

-cut back on gluten by 90%

-limited sugar to 1 small portion a day (yogurt, granola bar, etc)

-had 3 servings of fresh fruits & vegetables

-incorporated nuts & eggs

-NO screen time after 6pm

-Bedtime at 9pm sharp

-incorporated essential oils in the morning & at bedtime (lavender, cedar wood, wild orange, and Vetiver)

-gave iron, omega 3 & zinc supplements

-gave magnesium supplement before bed

What I saw was a complete change. I know that Logan doesn’t have ADHD and was simply just exhibiting this behavior because of his poor diet & lack of nutrients. These are controllable. We will continue to incorporate these additions to his diet and keep our routine.

Navigating behavior in children is incredibly difficult. I know for a fact that my child’s nutrition options are better in Europe and the traditional American diet is something that triggers hyperactive behavior in my son.

I’m grateful we could figure it all out and get him on the right tract. I highly suggest blood testing, change in diet, essential oils, and monitored screen time for your littles if you suspect ADHD or hyperactive behaviors.

I also just want to say that I KNOW there are many children with ADHD who have no other option than medication and that their diagnosis is extreme, at the moment this is not Logan and I completely understand and feel for all the moms and dads that are struggling with behavioral disorders in their little ones.

We are all just doing our best.

**these are not medical opinions & I am not a doctor, just sharing what’s worked as a mama bear**


2 thoughts on “The 4 letter word that has haunted me for a year.

  1. This is a great post! I hadn’t even thought of blood testing and diet correlating to behavior. You are patient and strong for sticking through. And I know this will help many moms/dads!


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