Texas for Christmas

Hello friends and happy Monday to you all! I wanted to chat a little bit about our departure and answer some questions I have been getting.

Yes, Logan and I will head back to Texas for Christmas and Zo will stay behind. This will be the second year that WE have made this decision and our family has decided it is the best for us. I spend the majority of Zo’s season with him here and to be honest, this season has been the best one yet. We are enjoying our city, friends, and activities so much and Logan is having a blast at school.

This time home my sweet mom will turn 60, my 2 childhood friends will be getting married, and I will get to see my dad coach a basketball game for the first time. These are things that I so desired to be home for and my husband so unselfishly decided were important for me to be at as well.

With all that being said, yep, its tough being alone for the holidays and I know Zo will be here with friends and will keep busy with games and practices but still will miss us while we are gone, we will surely miss him too.

We have been doing ALL the activities here in Klaipeda with Logan to enjoy some Christmas themed time as a family of three and we are super excited to watch Logan in his first real performance for his Christmas play on Thursday. We have called and visited Santa Claus, gone Christmas shopping, enjoyed the Christmas markets, watched the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, made hot cocoa and watched movies, and Zo has definitely out-done himself as Santa Claus with Amazon and our house in Texas! 🙂

We have also enjoyed some incredible time as a couple and this past weekend we celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. We exchanged anniversary and Christmas gifts already and we know we are getting old because we bought ONLY things we needed and skipped all the wants!

So, for now, this is it. Our family of three will go to two and Zo will spend a bit of time here in Europe alone. When we return in 2019 we’ve got some big stuff planned, Logan will be back in school, our date nights and games will return and we will do a bit of traveling in the spring before returning together as 3 in June of 2019.

We always love and appreciate our family and friends and so love you journeying this life with us.

As for me, I hope to see as many friends and family as possible while home and hug your necks so tight because I truly cherish the time together.