Our new city—Klaipeda, Lithuania

We made it!! We are settling into our new city & have been exploring NON STOP! Although I’ve been here before, it’s still so new & with so many different options & activities that I missed out on a decade ago!

COFFEE! Yep! I don’t even want to hear it because y’all KNOW I’m going to talk about coffee. Besides Zo & Logan, my other obsession is a fabulous espresso, cappuccino, or coffee cocktail; it’s just my favorite! Our new city has no shortage of coffee shops & that makes me happy. It’s one thing I appreciate about Europe, there’s not just one spot to go {ie: Starbucks} but 10-20 coffee shops that all serve different brews & flavors & they are all delicious!

BASKETBALL —It has begun! Our season officially kicked off this past weekend & we couldn’t be more excited. As we enter year 12, we are all aware that Zo’s career won’t last forever & every game I get to watch him perform his best in, is a game cherished. I tear up talking {or writing} about this part of our lives. It’s all Zo has known since he was 18 years old & soon it will end. I thank God everyday for his health, his youth on the court, and the coaches, teammates, and teams that year after year keep him at the top level of playing.

LIFE OUTSIDE OF BALL- Zo won’t have many off days as season is in full swing & he will be traveling across Europe for Champions League, this means mama gets busy too! Logan will start school October 1 & we are so excited for him. He enjoyed this international school & their program last year & we just transferred him over to this branch here in our new city. I will be volunteering at the American English School again & I just can’t wait for that! Those high school kids lit up my days & I’m sure this group will too. We are still on the hunt for the perfect nanny for our little guy but I’m sure we will find one soon & look forward to the occasional date night & mom’s night out!

FOOD- we have quickly fallen in love with a few places to eat here and one of our favorites is P & M–not only is the menu in English but the food is fresh and delicious and the restaurant boast several play areas for kiddos!

My go to is a Greek salad and Zo loves the Italian cooked style pizza.

This weekend we will play our old Lithuanian team & this should be a great & exciting game!!

Until next time