Year 12!

Oh man! Here we are, heading off to year 12 of professional basketball for Zo and I don’t have any other word other than PROUD. We spent this summer analyzing what our future holds, what we really want to do, and {gasp} life outside of basketball.

We never want our identity to be wrapped up in the game and we never want our family to be separated by miles or in a place that won’t suit all 3 of us. To do this, we have to make some tough decisions that never come without fear and we never know if that’s going to show fruitful with a job.

Oh but God, HE knows it will be fruitful, HE knows where and what we need and HE knows how to make that possible.

So I am extremely excited and happy to announce that the Williams family will be headed back to Lithuania this season with a new team but with old teammates, coaches, friends, and school.

If you’ve known us for a while you know that Zo has played in Lithuania before (the last 2 years) and I spent time in Klaipeda (our new city) almost 11 years ago. Lithuania is a place we’ve grown to call home and although the city is new for us, the atmosphere and culture is not. We won a championship in Latvia with the Grant family who we love and is now on this team and Zo’s old coach that took us to the finals 2 years ago will be his coach again. He also has old Lithuanian teammates who will be reuniting with us! To say we are stoked is an understatement! We also will be able to enjoy our friends in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Panevezys who made the past two years so fun.

((This photo was taken when I was in Klaipeda 11 years ago–can’t wait to revisit and look where God has brought me full circle))

Logan will of course start over with new friends and teachers but the school he will attend is a branch of the school he attended last year so the schedule and routine will be the same. This is an answered prayer 100% .

As always, our friends and family ask about Logan’s birthday and Christmas and how to send him things. We will be home during Christmas time but if you would like to grab Logan a little something we have this registry and will buy these before we take off overseas and gift him in November for his birthday.

Logan’s birthday registry

You can follow along & keep up with Zo’s team here: Team Facebook page and as always I will post as many game links as I can.

We are always grateful for the support and prayers every season and as we head into year 12 we are just so thankful, humble, excited, grateful, shocked, and happy that God is still blessing us in abundance!

Zo heads out Thursday (August 23) and Logan and I will join him in just 3 short weeks (September 15).

Now let’s go get another championship, it’s about that time!