Quick meals for a busy life!

Good morning friends and hope this finds you all well! I wanted to share some of my favorite meals that all take less than 20 minutes and some friendly kids meals too! I get asked all the time for healthy and easy recipes because let’s face it…who has hours in the kitchen to spare? So here are my top eats for me and my husband (some my 3 year old enjoys as well) and also a few kid friendly ideas to keep in mind too!

1. Oats & berries–this is one of my favorite go to recipes for all three of us. It’s great for a quick breakfast (quick oats take 2 minutes) and I fill them in with cranberry, blueberry, walnuts, and a teaspoon of brown sugar. I’ve got healthy carbs, fat, protein, and calories we need for the day!

2. Egg scramble. This can easily be whipped up in 10 minutes! I sauté bell peppers and mushrooms for about 5 minutes and then add in eggs and cook until ready. Add in a few bacon strips for the husband and we are ready to go!

3. Tuna. One of the easiest lunches to make ahead and keep for a couple days. Canned tuna in water, light mayo, onion, pickle, and boiled egg. Seasoned with a little salt & pepper. I serve our tuna on multigrain bread with a low fat Swiss cheese slice! Carbs, fat, oils, and lots of protein! Add a side salad to top of the nutrient rich meal.

4. Taco salad. Who doesn’t love a good taco?! You can have all the flavors with a bit of reduced carbs by throwing out the tortillas and replacing them with salad. Ground turkey (or meatless), black beans, kidney beans, corn, brown rice, and salsa. All tossed together with a salad mix.

5. Stir fry lettuce wraps. These are quick and easy and will be loved by all. You can brown your turkey meat, throw in and grill some veggies, add a little light soy sauce and serve with rice on top of lettuce. Our little guy loves the flavor of the soy with some rice and meat and even a few carrots!

6. BBQ & Pineapple chicken–this one is delicious. It takes about 15 minutes to make bbq sauce if you prefer over store bought (much healthier if you make it), and the chicken takes about 15-20 minutes. Serve with broccoli and rice. (Both can cook while chicken is cooking). Enjoy this flavorful meal! (My 3-year old even loved it!)

7. Grilled turkey breasts with asparagus & buckwheat. This is a delicious and quick meal. Season your turkey and asparagus with olive oil, garlic, rosemary, Italian seasoning, and pepper. Cook on medium heat for 15-20 minutes until thoroughly cooked. While cooking, boil your buckwheat which also takes about the same time. Season with salt and pepper. Serve.

8. Fusilli pasta salad: this one is simple, healthy, and delicious. Boil pasta, add in olive oil, olives, red pepper, broccoli, celery, red onion, salt, pepper, and a bit of cheese on top. So simple & so good. Serve cold. Add meat if desired.

Kid Friendly meals

1. A little sandwich with light mayo and turkey breast slices, a mandarin, and a side of pretzels. Logan loves oranges and any fruit really and his favorite snack is pretzels. This gives him his loves + the sandwich for nutrition. Three year olds should have about 2 ounces of meat each day and this one meal covers it.

2. Fun breakfast. Whole wheat rice cake with peanut butter & dried cranberries. Banana on the side.

3. Parfaits with a slice of toast & cream cheese. This parfait has yogurt, fruit, and granola packed in and is a hit with the little one. I also added a little bit of light Philadelphia cream cheese and a slice of wheat toast. Can be for any meal.

4. Breaded chicken bites and rice. Throw the rice on to boil and bake your chicken for 20 minutes. I purchase thinly sliced and it takes a lot less time to cook. Roll your chicken in bread crumbs (lots) and a little bit of Cajun seasoning.

Girls weekend! —Indiana & Kentucky

I had such a great time on my girls trip about a week ago and wanted to share a little wrap up of a few things we did. The goal was a fun and relaxing getaways with one of my best friends on the planet! We’ve known each other over a decade and each summer we make a point to get together. You see, we have never lived in the same city, most of the time we have lived in separate states and that makes seeing each other a bit difficult. Since this year was a busy one for me as a wife and mama bear, I decided I would fly up to see her, alone without my son or husband and just enjoy some time alone. (You can catch that blog post here:take the weekend ).

I flew into Louisville, Kentucky which is a direct, 2 hr flight from Houston and we drove a swift 20 minutes to Indiana to where she lives…yep, 20 minutes to another state. You can imagine how this concept seems insane from this Texas girl where 20 minutes gets me 4 miles away!

We actually enjoyed some time in both Indiana and Kentucky and I wanted to share a few of my favorite outings:

1. Churchill Downs—Kentucky, home of the Kentucky derby. I’ll have to make my way back in the spring one year and enjoy the races!

2. Zaxby’s—this was my first time trying the little chain spot and it was delicious! If you’re looking for chicken (similar to whataburger, canes, hooters, this is great!)

3. Big 4 bridge—this historical bridge leads you over the Ohio river and crosses you from Indiana into Kentucky, pretty neat!

4. Pie kitchen cafe—this was a cute little dessert spot and I tried their homemade vanilla icecream with homemade caramel apple crisp pie—to die for! ((Pie Kitchen ))

5. Shepardsville Indiana led us to a quaint little winery that boasted my favorite type of white wine “light, crisp” and extremely tasty. ((Vineyards website: Wight Meyers Vineyard ))

6. 8 up. This was a rooftop bar we enjoyed downtown that overlooked Louisville and had great vibes, drinks, and music, definitely recommend on a cool, summer night. ((8 UP ))

These were a few of my favorite things and I so cherished my time with my dear friend, Kayla. Although our trips are only once a year, they are my favorite and I can’t wait for our 2019 adventures!

Until next time


San Antonio, Texas with families–Top places to eat

Thank you to the wonderful places that hosted us, all opinions are 100% my own.

Who doesn’t LOVE to eat when they go on vacation? I know we do and San Antonio did NOT disappoint! We had an incredible time on vacation in San Antonio Texas and we had our minds made up to eat at some incredible places. I am sharing our top 5 places to eat that are suitable for all, we brought along our families but each establishment could have been for couples and even some pet friendly places.

If you are in San Antonio you cannot miss out on trying these!

  1. Hard Rock Cafe San Antonio . If you are looking for a fun and relaxed atmosphere, this is your place! We had an incredible time at the Hard Rock Café and the food had such great flavor and the portion sizes were filling. As we entered into the café a room full of rock star legend décor surrounded us and the vibe immediately put you in a good mood, ask my little one who was dancing non-stop! Downstairs we had a large table that was seated near the bar and that was THE coolest bar I have seen. What a great vibe, lots of drink choices, and the bartenders seemed so lively and fun. My family and I enjoyed all different types of food from chicken, salads, and burgers, pulled pork, fries, ribs, wings, fajitas, and a hot fudge sundae! Everything was delicious and we had ZERO to go boxes! This place had a great variety of people, from families, to a work crowd at the bar for happy hour, to couples and friends enjoying the outside patio along the famous River walk. There was a spot for everyone and the music, lively wait staff, and restaurant décor made for a wonderful experience for my family and I. No matter who you are or who you are with, make a stop here when you visit San Antonio, this is a wonderful, fun place to enjoy! Thank you for hosting us Hard Rock Café!


2. Guillermo’s Downtown . This incredible Italian Restaurant did not disappoint. We parked in the back of this quaint little yellow “house” and were greeted by fun colors, paintings, lights, sounds, and an outdoor patio, which had some cute little pups dining, too! (Their outdoor seating is pet friendly). We walked in and were greeted and set right down. The menu had a ton of choices and they all sounded amazing. Pasta, lasagna, calzones, desserts, salads, pizzas, and a great drink menu. My family all has different tastes and we all ordered different things…with no left overs brought home! I enjoyed a started Caesar salad, which was unique and topped with cranberries, green olives, and pineapples. My mom and I shared a 10-inch margarita pizza that had the tastiest cheeses, fresh basil, and ripe tomatoes. My husband and sister enjoyed lasagna, one with mushroom and spinach and the other with pepperoni and chicken. My dad enjoyed their traditional pasta and meat sauce and he said this was “the best meat sauce he had ever tasted.” This cute little restaurant is off the main path and crowd and a favorite with the locals, if we ever are back in San Antonio, this is a must again, next time we will try and save room for dessert and drinks! Thank you for hosting us Guillermo’s.


3. Sip. My sister and I enjoyed afternoon coffee and people watching right near the River walk at this quaint little bistro. They offer fresh juices, little bites, and all sorts of different coffee drinks. The atmosphere is hip and fun and we enjoyed lounging on the couch and enjoying our brews. If you are looking for a little café with a great vibe, here’s your spot!  (((My tee is from: Moots Clothing )))IMG_3347

4. Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe . We knew we wanted to head to this 24/7 café during our trip to San Antonio to try their famous 3 pound cinnamon roll. My husband had seen their shop featured on the TV show, Man vs. Food and he wanted to try this out, it was amazing! It was incredibly sweet, moist, with just the right amount of cinnamon, and delicious. Between the 7 of us we thought we would finish it but we couldn’t! They also boast some delicious bakery eats and proudly serve comfort food all day long! They are also known for their 21-ounce chicken fried steak with a challenge to eat it all in 12 minutes! Could you do it?

5. Down on Grayson . We met some friends here for dinner and it did not disappoint. The place had an upscale café vibe and a great full-length bar in the dining area. We enjoyed dinner on their large patio where they had tables, fans with cool mist blowing, and umbrellas. Their mixed drinks were amazing and I enjoyed a lovely frozen Sangria margarita, crisp nachos with chicken as an appetizer, and a delicious grilled chicken Caesar salad for dinner. My husband raved about their chicken sandwich and their apple crisp for dessert! This place was good for families and couples alike and we had a great time with our friends here, definitely recommend this place if you are near downtown San Antonio.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy your visit to San Antonio, or if you are local, check these out!

Looking for family fun activities in San Antonio? Check out the blog here: San Antonio, Texas–best places to visit for families

Until next time,

Morgan Williams

San Antonio, Texas for families—Things to Do

Thank you to the wonderful places that hosted us, all opinions are 100% my own.

We had the absolute best time in San Antonio and were able to enjoy it with not only my husband and son but also with my parents and siblings. San Antonio is a great place for families and there are activities and places to go for all ages and interests. I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite places to go for family friendly activities. Thank you to all the incredible places that hosted us and for the amazing hospitality at each spot!

  1. Natural Bridge Caverns . We stopped here first since it was on our way from Houston and about 30 minutes from our Air BnB in San Antonio. THIS PLACE IS INCREDIBLE. Natural Bridge Caverns offers a wide range of activities and tours and we really could have spent the whole day there! They offer cave tours, a bat flight, a canopy challenge, a maze, gem and fossil mining, lots of good eats and drinks, and souvenir shops, of course! We went on the most popular tour, the discovery tour. This tour lasts a little over an hour and is perfect if you have smaller kids that won’t sit still long (like ours). You walk a little over ½ a mile through the caves and the tour guide teaches you about the ancient formations and you also get to take photos along the way. This tour was interesting, engaging, fun, and we got our exercise in for the day! There was so much more to do and if you are ever along the path of Natural Bridge Caverns it is worth the stop! Discovery tour tickets: $23.50 for adults
  1. Splashtown San Antonio. This was our next stop of the day to cool off and have some water fun! The park is very close to downtown and was right off the highway and they do not charge for parking. We walked in and rented lockers to keep all of our belongings and then jumped right in for the fun. My 3 year old went straight for the kid slides and they had two specified sections of kid fun. They were well designed where parents could lounge and relax and still see all their children and they provided lounge chairs and tables. There were water falls, splash pad areas, lots of slides, and shallow water for my little one to enjoy. My parents had a great time cruising the lazy river and my siblings and I enjoyed the 3 giant slides they offered. There was lots of fun for all ages, our family ranges from 3-60 years old and we all had a blast, especially ending our day in the wave pool! There are showers available when you are finished and lots of snacks and concessions throughout. If you travel to San Antonio for some water fun, stop here! We spent about 3 hours and for sure could have kept going! Adult tickets: $28.99 (with special online admission discount)
  1. San Antonio Aquarium . We absolutely loved the San Antonio aquarium. We began by exploring their dinosaur exhibit on the first level and that was really neat, they even had a little interactive floor game that we had to drag my son away from! We headed downstairs to the aquarium and started our tour through it and began with a fun time in the indoor sand box. Lots of kids were enjoying building sand castles and playing and my son spent some fun time there as well. We headed into the main room where we explored lots of tanks with different types of fish and sea creatures and my personal favorite was feeding the stingrays. There is a huge tank in the center of the aquarium where you are able to see, pet, and feed the stingrays, this was so fun to watch and participate in and they splashed my little guy, which had him laughing! We used our tokens to get food for the fish, stingrays, ostriches, and birds. We explored and fed as many animals as we could. They also had pony rides, bird petting, pirate shows, a live mermaid that was face painting, and a really neat gift shop where my son bought 2 cool sharks! There was so much to do and we didn’t even make it to the play center or bouncy house area…yes, you read that right, bouncy houses! We could have stayed there all day, it was such an interactive place where kids and families of all ages could enjoy something fun. My siblings, mom, and I ended our trip there with a sloth encounter, how stinking cool! You are able to learn about these cool creatures, pet them, feed them, and look around their habitat. This was a fun little interaction and I learned a lot about these cute little creatures. Overall I give the aquarium a 10 out of 10, there was just so much to do and see and unlike typical museums or centers, this aquarium was FULLY interactive. I loved that we could touch, explore, and feed almost every creature there, it made the trip fun for everyone in the family and especially neat for my 3-year-old son. We will be going back again for sure! Adult admission: $13.95
  1. The DoSeum was such a spectacular children’s museum, probably the best I have visited. There was SO much for kids to participate in and we enjoyed our time there. There were lots of interactive activities for kids to play in including dress up stations, pretend play stations, light and sound fun, outdoor play, and water play, too! We also enjoyed their summer exhibit “Dream, tomorrow, today” which showcases the importance of conservation, preservation, imagination, and exploration—start creating the future you imagine. My 3-year old had a great time enjoying their interactive activities, drawing his future self, sliding down the interactive slide, checking out all the recycled pieces, and enjoying the fun maze! We ended our time ringing the wind chimes in the tree house and splashing in the splash pad area, there is so much to do and you could spend lots more hours than we did! If you have kids and are in the area you cannot miss the DoSeum and right now they are showcasing that cool “Dream, tomorrow, today” exhibit and it is a MUST see! Admission for ages 1+: $14
  1. Sea World . What a fun adventure. I have not been to Sea World in about 20 years and I loved every moment of re-living the fun and adding my son to join in! We had a great time watching two fun shows, the Ocean Discovery which showcased Pacific white-sided dolphins, beluga whales, and colorful macaws as well as the One ocean show with killer whales. Both of these shows lasted the perfect amount of time to keep my little guy entertained and also boasted some beautiful messages and facts about the animals. Lots of time was also spent in their Sesame Street Bay of Play which was a huge splash pad area, a carousel, a fun Shamu ride, and a performance from all the Sesame Street characters. While my husband, mom, and son played here, my dad and I rode the 3 big roller coasters, I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to rides and thrills and these were lots of fun (and scary). After the Electric Eels 150 foot drop, I believe I am good on rides for a while! Adult admission: $59 online discount

San Antonio, Texas is such a great place for friends, couples, and families, we enjoyed our time there so much and would recommend San Antonio to anyone looking for some relaxed and enjoyable adventures!

If you are looking for some great places to eat, check out that blog post here: San Antonio, Texas–best places to eat for families

Until next time,

Morgan Williams