Cup finals weekend in Klaipeda

Hello friends & happy Tuesday! We spent the weekend in Klaipeda, Lithuania participating in the Lithuanian cup and I can’t wait to share it with you all today.

Last year we were also playing in the cup, but Logan and I were in Houston at the time and missed it. This year we were excited to go and see da-da play for a medal. Thankfully, they got one! They took home the bronze and we are so proud of Zo and his team for their accomplishment. This year our team has had lots of changes and lots of ups and downs, but through it all they always show heart and spirit and we are so proud to be apart of this team.

Klaipeda is a port city in Lithuania and I haven’t been there in 10 years! I was excited to go back and as many of you know, the last time I was in Lithuania was under stressful and sad circumstances. This was an opportunity for me to experience the city on happy and fun terms…and I did.

We spent quite a bit of time in the arena, obviously and it was a great and lively atmosphere.

We spent one morning with one of my friends in old town and really enjoyed that. My sweet friend Leila and I have not seen each other since I was in Klaipeda a decade ago and I was so excited to see her. Not one thing changed and we picked up right where we left off. She was such a special friend when I was in Klaipeda before and helped me in so many ways navigate life at that time. Grateful to say the least.

I also enjoyed a great night out with my favorite Australian who was our teammate last season. Ben and Bria are special friends of ours and anytime we get together is a night full of laughs…literally!

Logan and I spent our time at the Radisson and we had a great time as always. We love staying at the Radisson Blu when we are in Eastern Europe. They never disappoint with the American buffet breakfast, spacious rooms, amazing room service, best bar drinks and desserts, and cozy beds!

We are club Carlson members with them and the points add up quick. Every spa is amazing at the Radisson Blu so we enjoy using those perks as well. I had no time for the spa this weekend…but they truly have the best ones if you stay at any of their chains.

Klaipeda is only about 3 hours from our home in Lithuania so it’s not too bad of a drive and Logan did pretty great. My little travel buddy has got it down!

The weather was great, sun was out, people were friendly, and the vibes amazing. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and I got to see and meet some fellow wives from other teams.

I had a blast and can’t wait to travel a bit more before we head home back to Texas!

What’s next? Fasting & the aftermath

Good morning friends and happy Thursday. So many of you have asked me about my fast and how it went and I have also chatted with those of you that reached out and joined me and want to share with you all!

Lent begins on February 14 this year and many of you have asked about trying this fast for Lent. I am happy to share all the information, things I learned, and my free prayer and fasting eBook here.

I fasted from…






Processed foods

I ate….



Whole grains





Herbs and spices

Lots of water!!!

I was pleasantly surprised with my fasting results. Besides gaining mental and spiritual clarity, I also lost about 5 pounds, cleared toxins from my system, felt lighter and refreshed, and I also developed some new habits I am continuing after the fast.

-I will be limiting my dairy and meat intake moving forward.

-I learned even more about portion size and control.

-I discovered some new things like vegan cheese that can help me replace the dairy I enjoy.

-I found out several things that upset my stomach that I didn’t even realize before the fast.

-my goal is to mainly be pescatarian moving forward and only consume what I ate on the fast + add in fish. I am not claiming any titles here, but I do see the advantages of eliminating and also adding certain foods to your diet.

Overall I am very pleased with doing this fast and I always feel amazing after every fast I do. If fasting is something you haven’t tried, I highly encourage it.

What else is new, personally?

Zo won player of the week MVP for the league and we are so proud of him.

Logan moved up to the “big boy” class at school and is adjusting pretty well.

I have started back up volunteering at the local high school teaching English and those kids are my favorite!

Guess that’s all for now!


Valentine’s Day gift guide

Good morning lovelies! If you haven’t noticed yet, my favorite month is February and all the reds and pinks it brings! I wanted to share a few of my favorite gift ideas for you & your loved ones. Take a look and see if you can get some ideas. You can click on what you want & order directly if you find something you love, Enjoy!

**this post contains affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

Women’s gift guide:

  1. Michael Kors watch & bracelet set
  2. Kendra Scott pink earrings
  3. Ray ban sunglasses
  4. Revlon volumizer hair dryer
  5. Bauble bar black earrings
  6. Toms shoes
  7. Michael Kors brown bag
  8. CL booties (splurge!)

Kids gift guide:

  1. Kids LEGO set, ages 8-12 $30
  2. Pottery barn chair backer $10.99
  3. Cat & Jack by Target outfit for girls (12 month-5t)–$9.99
  4. Melissa & Doug stacking toys, ages 2+ $16
  5. Star Wars candy set from Target $9.99
  6. Barbie & horse set $24.99
  7. Ferrari scooter $50
  8. Jelly cat lovey $25

Men’s gift guide:

  1. Gucci sunglasses
  2. Magnanni leather derby’s
  3. Gucci sweater
  4. Gap jeans
  5. Magnanni Tassel loafers
  6. Nike shoes
  7. Money clip
  8. Michael Kors cologne