January fast

Good morning friends and happy last day of 2017!!! Gosh, I cannot believe the whole year has flown by. The best thing in 2017 was for sure our family trip to Italy. We were in need of a vacation and Rome was just amazing. You can read my Rome blog here: Rome round up . My most popular post of 2017 was 5 truths about being friends with expats and I’m pretty sure the past year also could be explained through this post. I grew, I changed, I struggled, I triumphed, but through it all I am always incredibly humbled and blessed.

In 2018 I hope to expand my personal training business, build this little blog some more, and spend more “me” time which probably will involve solo coffee dates, wine with friends, a few massages and nail visits, and more house projects.

I am a firm believer in fasting and if you have followed my blog for a while you will recall my 77 day fast not too long ago. Fasting blog post

After completing that initial 77 day fast I vowed to continue fasting annually and let God show up and show out!

I hope you all will join me in this adventure because fasting truly can allow you to connect to God, learn things about yourself, and change the way you look at things. I will begin fasting Monday, January 8 and will be posting a bible verse each day on my Facebook page (Facebook page) . Through this fasting period I will be following food and beverage guidelines and will spend extra time in the Bible. Below is the general guideline for the fast which follows along side the Daniel fast.

**the one thing I do incorporate besides water is hand brewed coffee and natural tea. I grind my coffee beans and do not use dairy or creamer.**

Send me a message or add my Facebook page to journey along through January for faith and fasting.

Happy 2018 my friends!


Christmas & Mary

As I sit making breakfast and listening to Christmas music I think about all the wonderful things the Christmas season brings to people. No matter your religion, it seems that the joy of Christmas can come to all people. Christmas lights, festivals, markets, food, gifts, Santa, family time, and travel are all words that explain Christmas for many but I have found a word, a name rather, that means Christmas for me…Mary. Jesus of course is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Christmas and as a Christian I celebrate this wonderful gift and time, but Mary, oh sweet Mary.

She was so unsure. She was having a baby, she didn’t know her next steps, she wasn’t sure she was going to be the best mom for little Jesus or raise him the right way. Oh Mary I feel you.

Mary was tired, she traveled a long way with Joseph and she just wanted a Starbucks break and some rest. Oh Mary I feel you.

Their reservations weren’t confirmed at the inn, she was so exhausted, the rooms were sold out, and Joseph was trying to figure out what to do and they ended up with the animals in a room that wasn’t so desirable. I’ve had a hotel and a flight reservation that sounded a lot like this! Oh Mary I feel you.

They were traveling to Bethlehem to visit Joseph’s parents who would be her future in-laws and her new home town. Oh those nerves, remember those visits? Mary was gossiped about in the city. People talked about her behind her back and she carried a social stigma, oh Mary I feel you. Mary was just a young girl with many dreams for her future. Jesus wasn’t in her dreams at the time but she embraced the gift she was given that ultimately would save us all.

Like Mary, I often find God’s calling or sweet whispers to be difficult. I deny that inner voice sometimes when God is clearly saying GO, TRUST, DO. Like Mary, I know I carry a big weight as a mother and although my son won’t save the world–he will live in it and can make it a better place if I teach him to. Like Mary, I follow my husbands lead and travel with him where he goes. I make sure our house is a home and that God is the head of it.

If you are feeling like God is leading you to a higher and better purpose, a bigger and better adventure, a change and something new…follow. Allow God’s promises to hold true, be a Mary and say “yes, Lord. Your will be done.” Mary took the words of the shepherds and the Lord and held that sweet boy in her arms knowing he would one day save the entire earth, she said yes to a calling God had for her life that was bigger than she could have ever imagined. Praise Him. Thanks, Mary.


“Home” for Christmas

Good morning friends and happy Wednesday. Zo is in Italy this week for a Eurocup game so mama and Logan have been enjoying some 1 on 1 time. I titled this “home” for Christmas because we always say home is when we are all 3 together, but we do also have a physical home in Houston, and we WILL be there for Christmas. Logan and I will be flying home next week and will stay through the first week of January.

The photo above is of Zo and I just 3 weeks after we were engaged in 2011, this is the last time I was home for Christmas time, or I should say in the USA for Christmas. Zo will fly out on Christmas to Montenegro and will have practices on Christmas Eve. Since it’s been so long since I’ve been stateside for Christmas and Logan has never experienced Christmas in the USA (which is stellar compared to Europe), we just figured it was time, and I’m so grateful.

It’s always hard being away from friends and family but it’s also hard to separate us 3 as a family. We know holidays are just days and Logan is still so young that we could celebrate Christmas tomorrow and he would be thrilled, but it’s still such a catch 22 when it comes to celebrations and being apart. Zo and I thought about this long season, we talked about how much I missed Christmas in the USA and we just decided if Logan and I would be here in Lithuania without him for Christmas and the days to follow, it was just worth me going home and enjoying this holiday with our families.

I will spend most of my time in Houston but will make my way to Dallas on Christmas Day and will head to Killeen on my way back. This way Logan and I will get to see my immediate family, some extended family, and also all of Zo’s family. We’ve got a few things to take care of with our home as well so it’s always nice to spend time there. I will also get to see our god brother JT perform for the men’s Rice University basketball team and I’m so happy for this as it is his last year playing! We will get to explore Christmas lights, shopping, STARBUCKS, Galveston Island, warm weather, and STARBUCKS 🙂

My immediate family will all be in Houston and we will spend some time at my mom and step-dads home and I’m excited to have slumber parties again with my siblings like when we were younger. My parents have gotten Logan more gifts than this kid could imagine and he truly will be thrilled to get some amazing things to play and grow with.

We are blessed for sure with the opportunity to travel and Zo is blessed to live out his dreams. We are forever grateful this holiday season for health and happiness and continued blessings from our savior. Don’t worry about our guy Zo, he will spend Christmas Eve with our favorite family here in Lithuania and they will stuff him full with the best eats (he secretly loves her cooking more than mine anyways–hehe).

The short time home will fly by like always and the 6 months following without a visit will be tough on my mama heart. But we’ve got some exciting trips planned in the spring and will travel back to Germany for vacation and also hopefully back to Italy in February. Zo will have his annual Cup Weekend and we look forward to taking home a trophy for that in February. Logan will continue with school through April and we will be back home in June and hopefully with the GOLD TROPHY! You won’t get a Christmas card from us this year but we look forward to continuing to share our life through my blog and photos and with all the love we have, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!

-Zo, Mo, and Lo Williams