Logans 3rd birthday party

Hi friends & happy Sunday!! I wanted to share Logan’s party with you all before we escape to Rome, Italy later this evening. I’m a crazy person when it comes to celebrations. I’m over the top, I like surprises, confetti, doing it big, and getting creative. I like to think that seeing someone I love smile is worth all the crazy planning!

I planned way ahead for Logan’s party since we were back in the same city as last season and I knew the ins and outs. I chose to have his party at our favorite indoor play arena and that was a good decision with the cold and gloomy weather.

The theme was Thomas the Train which is Logan’s favorite and everything went with that. I ordered his t-shirt from my favorite print shop for custom kids things. Party decor and Moore has created some masterpiece party items for Logan since he was 6 months old & she did not disappoint this time.

We ordered cupcake toppers and adult straws from a couple small shops we love too. The straws were from Puppy Cat Crafts and the toppers from The Topper Shoppe . We love shopping small, I’m a small business owner myself and know how much love goes into creating special things and how much work goes into trying to sell them! If you can find small shops you love, support them!

The banner pictured above was something I made because I just didn’t find exactly the color mix I wanted online. It was easy enough and I would make it again for another event.

We had the party at Vora Bokstas and it really is a fun place for kids ages 1-10. There’s areas for all ages & that was really nice. We rented the biggest room they had and enjoyed refreshments, pizza, lounging, cake, and 2.5 hours of play.

I made deviled eggs—because I’m not cooking thanksgiving dinner, i figured why not 🙂 . I did cheese and grapes, nuts, chocolate, chips, and pretzels for the adults. We also had pizza for both the adults and kids.

Logan’s cake was ordered through the venue and wow it was delicious. I did a chocolate cake and then vanilla cupcakes. I would say they did a great job on our American classic character. 🙂

Logan’s decorations came from Party Inbox . This was a company I found in Lithuania that had a wide variety of items & I’ve found quite a bit of Christmas and holiday items there too. The table decorations were fun and the utensils, plates, and cups went together nicely.

Mother of the year because I didn’t get a picture of all the children together OR a family picture {sigh} . But Logan had a blast and that’s what counts. I’m really grateful for everyone who took the time to love on our little guy and celebrate his life.

I probably will be throwing over the top parties for my son forever. To see his face light up and to listen to him talking about his party for hours after it was over was all this mamas heart needed to keep me planning away! So cheers to many more celebrations with the peeps I love, in countries all over the world, and with a heart as big as it can get.




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