Logan is 3!!!

((Funfetti cake from the USA, yes, it’s that good! ))

Oh guys, how did the time pass so quickly? I cannot believe our sweet baby boy will be 3 years old tomorrow. Wow! Daddy will be on a road trip to Israel early in the morning so we decided to celebrate a day early with our little guy. Tomorrow for Logan’s birthday, Logan & I️ will head to Vilnius, the capital, to spend the day with some of our sweet friends & we are excited about that.

ds & family back home truly are the best. You guys always ask us what you can do & get for Logan and we are just blessed to have you in our lives. Some of our sweet friends & family gifted Logan trains, his favorite! And also a new puzzle and car. We went ahead and opened these, read cards, and told Logan who everything was from. We are saving some gifts for Saturday which is when his party will be!! He's been talking about it for weeks & we are really happy for him.

nia, it is uncommon to have a birthday party at a young age with anyone but your family. But the Williams fam is in town & we are doing it big! We invited all the kids from the team & also all the kids in his class. This was so funny for the parents & teachers to hear because this is incredibly odd for them. But we are excited & hope to spark a touch of unity & inclusion for them. Logan's friends with all the kids he sees, he really is friendly. He loves to give hugs, share, and include everyone. We do too. So cheers to a huge party & the Williams family spicing things up around here.

super busy prepping for this big train party & I will be sharing next week how it went.

Dad enjoyed a wonderful night out for daddy's birthday last week & we can't wait to head to Italy!

Next week we will be in Rome, Italy & we are super excited. We've got lots of things planned & I can't wait to share all we did when we get back. We will be in Italy for Thanksgiving so there will be no stuffing or turkey, I'll be living through the posts from you all with your families! I'm giving up Thanksgiving for wine & gelato…and I'm not even sad about it one bit! (My husband…maybe! Hehe)

So cheers to busy season! Cheers to the next 2 weeks full of fun, celebrations, basketball games, travel, and the Colosseum!!




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