Beginnings in the middle

Oh good morning friends! It’s been a little bit since I blogged but we are all settled into our city and I just have to share whats happening around these parts.

When we first signed to return back to this team it was 100% about submission. Submitting to my spouse about his leadership for our family. I was so reserved because we really needed more for Logan and myself, but I knew Zo was confident in his decision and we would make it work. I ordered Logan’s homeschool material and I took on a few more personal training and nutrition clients so I could stay busy. Then we arrived.

The only way I can describe our situation is beginnings in the middle.

This season feels so incredibly different and in a really great way. Not only is the basketball situation different but Logan and I are having a totally different experience and I am so thankful. Logan starts school Monday! What?? There is a new school here in the city and we were so very excited. We thought for sure that there was no hope for Logan to have friends, community, or fun here. It is what he experienced last year and what made us so hesitant to return. This year he WILL have all of those things and there will be some great opportunity for Logan to thrive. He will speak English all day, he will be in a class with 12 other children–that are also learning English, he will have teachers who speak English and WE will have other parents that chat with us in English too. This is an incredible blessing. I know that God didn’t open this school for us, but we are so incredibly grateful that it is here and that our sweet boy was able to get a spot and attend.

What else? Well me of course. 🙂 I took on a volunteer position with the American English school here in our city and will be teaching English several hours per week to students. This is a really great opportunity to use my educational background and get to know some of the local young people (and adults). Zo and I actually joke around that I will be busier than him this season! This is something that will not only keep me busy but it is right up my alley in one of the things I love to do. There are some great wives on our team and I also have some really great American wives that are a short drive away this season and I couldn’t be more excited. I have already made a couple of trips and as Zo gets crazy busy with season I will make some more!

As usual, Logan and I will return home in December for a few weeks and of course we cannot wait to see everyone back home. We will hurry back to dad and in the spring we will venture off to Germany and Spain and hope to get to Italy as well.

This season has already been off to an incredible start–both on and off the court and it for sure has been more than we ever imagined. I know that God asks us to be submissive,  have faith, and trust His will for our lives but it isn’t always easy. These past few years have tested our faith, parenting, and marriage more than I could have ever thought possible but the rewards are sweet. We have learned and grown tremendously and this season we are also experience some great highs. So incredibly blessed and grateful.

Cheers to school and teaching, a great season and health, fun travel and friends, and a lot of date nights! 🙂


Here’s a few photos from our trip to Dino world yesterday in Vilnius.

Grace in the now

Gosh, do you ever just thank God for His grace? I have thanked Him more in the past week than ever in my life I am sure of it!

This past week we loaded up our suitcases, packed up our rooms and headed back overseas to Europe. My resilient and amazing 2 year old packed his 10 favorite trucks, his 5 favorite toys, and his 5 favorite books and put them in his favorite suitcase. “We go on the airplane—up high and see dada.”

Yep, we did. Like we always do. Daddy leaves and then we follow shortly after. This is all my baby boy knows and he’s okay with it. He loves it actually. But mama? Mama needs grace.

My flight started off terrible—scratch that, horrible! I wasn’t sure we would even be on the plane, have a seat, or be able to check our bags {I’ll save that story for a novel}. Logan was a gem. Mama? Mama needed grace.

I was exhausted by the time that plane number 1 landed, I had a terrible headache, and the flight attended was extremely rude. Logan didn’t cry, whine, or make a shout. Mama? Mama needed grace.

I could go on forever about the goodness in my little boy and how this was probably the best flight he’s ever taken {and he’s been on over 30}. I could also go on about everything that went wrong that was completely out of my control and how I almost lost it—yep, lost it!

“Grace, grace, God’s grace. Grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt!”

Oh I needed grace, I needed my little one to cooperate, to be patient, to be kind, to be gentle, and he was.

What a gentle reminder for my little mama heart about grace in the now.

How often do I extend grace?

How often do I show others the grace that Christ so often shows me?

How often do I have a heart and attitude of a child? Resilient to the unknown, the scary, the stressful, the annoying, the painful, the frustrating, the cruel.

God’s grace extends freely and often to all those who believe. He shows mercy and kindness when it is needed the most. He blesses us with small signs and symbols to let us know He is there. HE GIVES US GRACE IN THE NOW.

When I need it most, He is there.

My sin and my shame, my anger and doubt, all washed away by His grace.

We are back as a family of 3. That’s the greatest gift and blessing I could ask for.