Life of a b-ball wife turns 5!!

I am so excited to celebrate 5 years on the blog!! I have been blogging over at blogger        ( Old site) and you can continue to view my old posts there, but since we are celebrating 5 years, I figured it is time for updates and changes! So from now on, I will be blogging over here on wordpress. You can find all my new posts about fitness, love, and life here.

Over the past 5 years I have enjoyed writing you all about becoming a new wife, a new mom, a new business owner, and our travels. I have so enjoyed sharing our life with you all through the best way I know how, words. It is in my bones to share, to discover more, to grow and learn, and to also share the trials and defeats. You all have been incredibly supportive over the years and I am so grateful.

So lets celebrate 5 years! Here are my top 5 posts in the past….

Most recently, you guys enjoyed us sharing our latest basketball journey.  post 5  

This post was the 4th most viewed, our testimony post 4

The 3rd most viewed? My weight loss journey over 3 months. post 3

2nd most viewed was my post on raising a bi-racial child post 2

And my number 1 post to date that went crazy was my letter to a fan in the stand, my forever favorite I think! post 1

I hope to continue sharing our journeys through life with you all and I hope you guys will continue to read and subscribe on this new platform that will help me engage my readers more.

Cheers to 5 more years of fabulousness.


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